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Water, Air, Gas and Oil

You can get low cost rotameters for measuring the flow of water, oil or air. These cost-effective solutions use a tapered tube and a small object to indicate the flow rate when the drag is in equilibrium with the weight of the float. These products provide excellent stability and process consistency by allowing you to easily repeat measurements. We can definitely work with you to make sure you put together the right order for your specific application. Request a quote or speak with one of our engineers to learn more about our selection and find the perfect rotameters for you. We have worked with a wide variety of clients and can ship to anywhere in the world. We will make sure that your order arrives on time and fits your budget. Contact us today!

Series FIS, FSR

Low cost indicators with switch

Reads in GPM and LPM scale with connection sizes from 1/2-inch to 2-inch NPT, BSP or SAE. Full scale
flow ranges from 4 to 100 GPM (16 to 380 LPM) and 10 SCFM to 250 SCFM. Clear flow tube allows for view of process and scale, and spring loaded mechanical design can mount in any orientation. Pressue up to 325 PSIG (liquids) and 125 PSIG (air). Construction materials include polysulphone flow tube with brass, SS or PVC end fittings.

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Series KM

Affordable flow rate indicator

Reads in GPM and LPM scale with clear flow tube that allows for view of process and scale. Pressure
ratings up to 145 PSIG with full scale flow ranges from 6 GPH to 220 GPM and connection sizes from 1/4-inch to 3-inch NPT or BSP. Construction materials include PVC, polysolphone or PVDF. Usable with water, oil, air and gas.

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Series RM

Durable rotameter OEM flow rate indicator

Construction materials include glass, acrylic, PVC or polysulphone for the body and 316 stainless st
eel, PVC, polysulphone or Hastelloy C for the float. Connection sizes from 1/8-inch to 2-inch NPT or tube connections. Full scale flow rates from 0.065 ML/M to 175 GPM. Pressure ratings up to 150 PSIG and temperature ratings up to 200 degrees F. Optional shielded/armored and panel mount available.

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